POPA-RED is all about Influencer! We are an Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) and analytics platform based in Hong Kong. With more than 50,000 influencers across top social media platforms such as Instagram and Xiao Hong Shu, our company offers comprehensive insights for the budding e-commerce merchant, SMEs, and brand marketers to making decisions about which Influencer (Key Opinion Leaders) they should engage as part of their overall digital marketing strategy.

POPA-RED takes the guess work out of choosing the right Influencer by utilizing an A.I data-driven approach by applying machine learning to develop a proprietary algorithm to rank and recommend the Influencer who is most suitable for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Manage your entire influencer campaign by uploading campaign briefs, reviewing proposals and pricing offers, and finally completing the payment process all-in-one.

Finally, stay up to date with our social listening component. Create streams that cater to your unique needs. Some might use our tool to monitor certain hashtags to tap into the latest trends. Others focus on monitoring specific Influencer marketing campaigns. Monitor your competition, their activities and social media presence.

POPA-RED, like any influencer marketing platform wants to make your online marketing campaigns as simple as possible. Choose the right influencers for your brand, communicate with them, build a relationship, monitor your campaigns, and get the data needed to drive other business decisions.

Reach out with any Influencer influencer marketing questions you may have by emailing us business@popared.com so our team can strategize a unique influencer marketing plan just for you!

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