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POPARED is all about Influencer!

We are an A.I. Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) and analytics platform based in Hong Kong - Find Influencers for your brand, form partnership, monitor your campaigns, and retrieve timely data to drive other business decisions.

Over 50,000 Influencer Profiles
From trending social networking platforms such as Instagram and Xiao Hong Shu (小紅書).

A.I. algorithm & meaningful results
Approach by applying machine learning to develop a proprietary algorithm to rank and recommend Influencers.

Dig Deeper
Comprehensive insights regarding keywords and Influencers for budding e-commerce merchants, SMEs, and brand marketers to look into.

Campaign Management
All-in-one platform: Upload campaign briefs, review proposals and created content, and finally process payment with our help.

Social Listening
Monitor hashtags or campaigns to tap into the latest trends to understand your competitors, their activities, and social media presence.

Reach out with any Influencer marketing questions you may have by emailing us at business@popared.com, our team will strategize a unique Influencer marketing plan just for you!

About Us - Popared