Key Opinion Leader Marketing – What it means for E-Commerce, SMEs, and Corporate Brands

Social media is everywhere and this new age of marketing is all about Key Opinion Leaders – the influencer. Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) have loyal audiences that will follow and is trusted by their following on recommendations in terms of different products or services. The e-commerce entrepreneur, SMEs and large established brands can all leverage the power of the influencer to engage with and sway consumer decisions.

With the average person seeing over 5,000 advertisements a day companies have realized it is no longer enough to amazing, eye catching content, but also need real people that consumers can connect with to promote.

Who is a KOL?

With a strong loyalty amongst their peers these influencers become the experts in their own niches. Beauty, Lifestyle, Travelling, Health, Education, Singing, Dancing or Just Chatting become their domain where authenticity and aesthetics rule. Many of them may branch out into other niches but have one main theme they stick with. They become the experts in this particular niche.

KOLs on social media platforms such as Xiao Hong Shu, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Tik Tok become someone consumers trust when it comes to making decisions when it comes to purchasing, what restaurant to go to, what activities to do and more! These influencers dictate the next fad and are the trendsetters. They provide social proof by spending their own time and money in learning everything they can about their niche so their following does not need to.

What can KOLs do?

There are way too many consumer goods and products around now with well executed marketing plans that makes it difficult for us to ascertain a good product and a great product.

Our trusted influencers point us to brands that may be deserving of our hard earned dollars. This builds your brand image with endorsements from these KOLs. Positive attributes peers have associated with the KOL naturally reflect on your brand.

This makes it extremely important when selecting and choosing KOLs to represent your brand and how their image is able to layer into your established or growing brand image.

Marketing essentially requires e-commerce entrepreneurs, SMEs, boost their brand awareness. Now, to compliment generating leads via the Facebook/Google Advertising, reaching out and leveraging a KOLs reach makes your digital marketing plan that much better.

KOLs have already gathered a following who are interested in the niche area. This helps you to find a targeted your audience with needs that your product can fulfill. Instead of casting a net in the ocean to find a lead, KOLs have set up markers for you to cast your net.


How do I select the right KOL for my brand?

This is one of the toughest questions you have to answer. After all, through the hundreds of thousands of influencers across so many social media platforms how do you make the choice?

With POPA-RED’s data driven A.I. recommendation system, you can now take the guess work out of selecting the right KOL for your marketing campaigns. Our proprietary algorithm ranks similar KOLs and provides you with the data needed to back up your choices.

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