3 Things to Consider to Choose the Right Influencer Influencer for Your Brand

With such a huge growth of 香港 KOL spread across many platforms in Hong Kong, it has become extremely difficult to choose the right KOL for your marketing needs.

You want someone who exudes authenticity, engages with their audience, is relevant to them and matches your brand. There are just so many factors to consider before embarking on your digital marketing journey.

Taking the time to do the research and finding the correct 香港 KOL might seem like a very time consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be if you know exactly what you are looking for!

To help alleviate some of your burden, Popared’s KOL marketing platform app (香港網紅行銷平台) provides you with the ability to create your personalized 香港 KOL list to see the ranks of specific KOL (香港 KOL 排名) that you may want to engage for your digital marketing campaigns.


Here’s 5 things we tell our clients to consider in order to choose the right KOL for their digital marketing campaigns:

    1) Set your digital marketing campaign goals and the target audience

Your campaign goals should drive which KOL you will want to collaborate with. For example, if you are trying to market something health related, it makes sense to find KOL who have a lot of Fitness/Health content on their Instagram page.

    2) Interactions, Engagements, Followers, and Likes

Using a data driven approach is definitely the most scientific way in determining which 香港 KOL to go for. We will talk a bit about one of the most important statistic; Engagement rate.

Engagement rates show you how well the 香港 KOL audience responds to the KOL content. The formula usually used is: Total number of likes and comments on a post DIVIDED by Total number of KOL followers.

To get a more accurate picture, you should take an average over at least 10 posts to see what a KOL real engagement rate is.

Also, quickly take a look to see if the KOL writes back and replies comments to their followers. This allows a bond to develop between the KOL and followers.

Here’s an example of all of these in Popared’s KOL marketing platform app (香港網紅行銷平台):

By looking at the statistics and you can decide which 香港 KOL fits your needs.

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    3) Values

The 香港 KOL you choose will need to be screened to see if your brand and the KOL are a match. One way of doing this would be to go through their biography, photos, captions, videos, and other sponsored posts. See what is being portrayed by the KOL and make a decision with your team whether this represents your brand. This simple evaluation is also something that can be done on Popared’s KOL marketing platform app (香港網紅行銷平台).

Are you thinking about working with 香港 KOL for your next digital marketing campaign? Don’t know where you can find them?

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